Glimpse of Heaven

Hey everyone, I’m excited to release my newest music video, Glimpse of Heaven! I wrote it with Matt Mangano from the Zac Brown Band, and it’s a gospel love song about what it means to see heaven in someone you love. 

I’d like to thank Dylan Rucker for directing it and The 254 Collective for producing! 

I hope you enjoy! 

About this video: 

Given my heart behind this song & experiencing a glimpse of Heaven in a relationship, I wanted to portray the gospel side of the tune while also portraying the kind of love that is written about in the song. When I met withThe 254 Collective and director Dylan Rucker, they automatically knew how to make this idea come to life. As Dylan and I went back forth, the original idea was to portray love as a spiritual emotion and the idea of how incredible it is when you find that spiritual kind of love in someone. This kind of love is one that overtakes everything. On the day filming, we got to film in a small run down, revamped home in East Nashville. We wanted to take 3 couples with different diversity and age & exemplify how the love itself is powerful & the most important part of the relationship. In terms of drawing the soulfulness into the video, in the performance part for myself, I’m seen sitting in the living room talking & also shadowed in black and white behind a lace curtain. These scenes really allowed me to deliver my place in the lyric as well. 

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