This song has to be one of my favorites I have put out so far in 2020. Back in January, when Kobe Bryant and the rest of the passengers on board the helicopter fatally crashed, I was about an hour away from the scene. Watching our world grieve and mourn over the loss of someone they loved was a lot to watch. I began thinking about what it means to be human and to love the human experience. One short month later, I took the idea into a writing session with my good friend David Spencer, and the song pretty much wrote itself. Little did we know we were about to enter into a world wide pandemic. Watching the lyrics to this song ring true thought the last 3 months of being quarantined and forced into a new normal has been one of the most beautiful and crazy thing. I hope through this song, you do life a little differently. I hope you soak up the creation around you a little more. I hope you love deeply and honestly. I hope you allow yourself to feel what you need to feel whether it be pain, grief, incredible joy, or love. I hope this song is also your summer anthem because it will definitely be mine!

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Charlotte Leigh is a singer/songwriter living in Nashville, TN. She grew up in Arkansas and moved to Nashville in 2017 to pursue music and her calling. Charlotte works hard to create imagery, meaning, and authenticity through her writing while delivering a soulful sultry sound. She has worked closely with producers such as Brandon Bell and even entered into the world of co-producing and engineering her music as well. She has also performed with artists such as Zac Brown Band. Charlotte released two singles pioneering her new sound in 2018 titled “Give in to Me” and “This Feeling”. While growing and expanding her horizons in the songwriting industry, Charlotte’s goal is to deliver heartfelt lyrics while consistently giving all glory to God who she resides in as the reason for what she does. Be on the lookout for new and inspiring music from Charlotte! Her next single, Deep Water, will be available everywhere April 19th! 


If Sorry Won't Cut It

This song is about how hurt people tend to hurt people. In the song, we realize that this girl has been hurt in the past and now she’s turning around and doing the same thing to someone she loves. She knows that when people hurt her in the past, sorry didn’t cut it. Now she tells this person she hurt that she doesn’t know what to do now because she knows sorry wont cut it.

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Glimpse of Heaven

Given my heart behind this song & experiencing a glimpse of Heaven in a relationship, I wanted to portray the gospel side of the tune while also portraying the kind of love that is written about in the song.

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Give In To Me

The Official Lyric Video for Charlotte Leigh’s ‘Give In To Me’ Written by Charlotte Leigh and Isaiah Zach Released on Friday Septermber 28th 2018

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